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Name Unit
HAAG, William D. (KIA) 10th Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division
HAAS, Charles W. (KIA) 57th Infantry Regiment (Philippine Division, US Army)
HAAS, Robert K. 308th Infantry Regiment, 77th Division (National Army)
HAAS, William A. Company C, 316th Infantry Regiment, 79th Division (National Army)
HABAL, Dulcesimo Headquarters Company, 57th Infantry Regiment (Philippine Division, US Army)
HABECKER, Guy M. Company I, 316th Infantry Regiment, 79th Division (National Army)
HABERLE, Frank J. (KIA) P-40 Fghter Pilot; 307th Fighter Squadron, 31st Fighter Group, 12th Air Force
HABIB, George A. Tank Bulldozer commander, Company A, the 741st Tank Battalion
HACKARD, Clifford Thorne (WIA) 112th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division
HACKER, Henry E. Company A, 110th Infantry Regiment, 28th Division (National Guard)
HACKETT, Edward John, MD (KIA) Surgeon, 87th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized), 7th Armored Division
HACKETT, Thomas A. Battery M, 60th Coast Artillery (Antiaircraft) Regiment
HACKMAN, Don G. (KIA) Company D, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division
HACKWORTH, David Haskell (WIA) First Battalion, 327th Infantry, 101st Airborne Division
HADLEY, Green D. (WIA) Medical Detachment, 60th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division
HADLEY, Lee A., MD Attached to the 106th Infantry Regiment, 27th Division (National Guard)
HADNETT, George Company F, 145th Infantry Regiment, 37th Division (National Guard)
HAEFLIGER, Fred (WIA) Company C, 6th Machine Gun Battalion (USMC), 2nd Division (U.S. Army)
HAFFENREFFER, Adolf F. (WIA) 3rd Battalion, 182nd Infantry Regiment, Americal Division, 8th Army
HAFNER, Claude J. (WIA) Company E, 276th Infantry Regiment, 70th Infantry Division