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Name Unit
EADS, Lee S. (KIA) 60th Infantry Regiment, 5th Division (Regular Army)
EAGLESTON, Glenn Todd P-51 Fighter Pilot; 353d Fighter Squadron, 354th Fighter Group, 9th Air Force
EAKENS, Kenneth U. (WIA) 413th Infantry Regiment, 104th Infantry Division
EANES, Moir Earl (WIA) Third Platoon, Company C, 1st Battalion, 24th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division
EARECKSON, William Olmstead (WIA) B-26 Bomber Pilot; 28th Composite Group, 11th Air Force
EARL, Elmer Company K, 369th Infantry Regiment, 93rd Division (National Army)
EARL, Thomas R. 47th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division
EARLE, Edward Palmer (KIA) 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division
EARLE, William J. Company E, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Division (Regular Army)
EARLY, Bernard (WIA) Company G, 328th Infantry Regiment, 82nd Division (National Army)
EARNEST, Allen C. (WIA) Company B, 73rd Heavy Tank Battalion (Task Force Hannum)
EARNEST, Charles Abner III Company K, 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division
EARP, Frederick Wentworth (KIA) Serving with 93d Bombardment Sqdn, 19th Bombardment Gp (H), U.S. Army Air Force (Attached)
EAST, James (KIA) Company A, 308th Infantry Regiment, 77th Division (National Army)
EASTBURN, Benjamin Robert (WIA) Company C, 1st Battalion, 104th Infantry Regiment, 26th Infantry Division
EASTERBROOK, Arthur Edmond (WIA) Observer, 1st Aero Squadron
EASTLAND, William H. Company B, 1st Battalion, 133rd Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division
EASTMAN, Frederick 315th Field Artillery Battalion, 80th Infantry Division
EASTMAN, Walter Robert Battalion Operations Officer, 21st Infantry Regiment, 24th Infantry Division
EASTON, Charles S. (KIA) Company O, Fourth Marine Raider Battalion