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Name Unit
DEAKINS, Jesse Sherwood Company A, 18th Infantry Regiment, First Division (Regular Army)
DEAL, James Franklin (WIA) B-17 pilot; 508th Bombardment Squadron, 351st Bombardment Group, 8th Air Force
DEALEY, Samuel David (KIA-BNR) Commander of the submarine USS Harder
DEAM, John Warner (KIA) Company E, 2nd Battalion, 513th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 17th Airborne Division
DEAN, John J. (WIA) Company H, 110th Infantry Regiment, 28th Division (National Guard)
DEAN, Marvin Harrison 1st Battalion, Task Force Galahad, 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional) (Merrill's Marauders)
DEAN, Michael (WIA) Company F, 2nd Battalion, 306th Infantry Regiment, 77th Infantry Division
DEAN, Thomas G., Jr. Company D, 107th Infantry Regiment, 27th Division (National Guard)
DEAN, William Frishe, Sr. Commander, 44th Infantry Division
DEANE, John Russell, Jr. (WIA) Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Infantry Division
DEARING, Vinton Adams (KIA) 28th Infantry Regiment, First Division (Regular Army)
DEASEY, Herbert A. (KIA) Company F, 131st Infantry Regiment, First Division (Regular Army)
DeBATTISTA, George Company D, 31st Infantry Regiment (separate) (Regular Army)
DeBEAUFORT, Henry Marie Guy DeGrout Combat Command No. 2, 5th African Chasseurs Regiment, 1st US Armored Division (Division)
DeBELSUNCE, Henri 5th Regiment of Moroccan Trailleurs , 5th French Expeditionary Force
DeBENEDETTO, Frederick S. (KIA) Company C, 59th Armored Infantry 13th Armored Division
DeBERARDINAS, Pietro Company H, 115th Infantry Regiment, 29th Division (National Army)
DeBERNARDI, Raymond 4th R.S.M. French Army
DEBES, Pierre L. Headquarters, 9th Colonial Infantry
DeBOULANCY, D'Escayarac Cavalry (not further identified)