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Name Unit
LECHNER, Carl J. (KIA) Company B, 168th Infantry Regiment, 42nd Division (National Guard)
LECHUGA, Martin (KIA) HQ and HQ Company, 1st Battalion (Mechanized), 5th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division
LeCLAIR, Arthur Henry (WIA) Company D, 16th Infantry Regiment, First Division (Regular Army)
LeCLAIR, Maurice M. (KIA) Company, E, 2nd Battalion, 71st Infantry Regiment, 44th Infantry Division (7th Army)
LECLAIR, Romeo Arthur (KIA) Medical Detachment, 143rd Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Division
LeCLERC, Hyppolyte A. M. 41st Regiment of Artillery, Colonial Services
LeCLERCQ, George Attached to the Office of Strategic Services
LeCOIN, Rene H. French Mission, attached to the 28th Infantry Regiment, First Division, AEF
LEDBETTER, William Coleman, Jr. (WIA) Detachment B-20, Company B, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces
LEDERER, Edward R. Company, L, 3rd Battalion, 38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division
LEDFORD, Herman (WIA) Company C, 1st Battalion, 338th Infantry Regiment, 85th Infantry Division
LEDFORD, Jack C. (WIA) B-29 Pilot; XX Bomber Command, 20th Air Force
LEDFORD, James H. 6167th Special Operations Squadron, 5th Air Force
LEDFORS, Frederick Dale Helicopter pilot with Troop F, 4th Cavalry, 3rd of the 17th Air Cavalry Squadron, 1st Aviation Brigade
LEDWELL, Harvey M. (KIA) Company A, 4th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division (Regular Army)
LEE, Alfred P. Company L, 104th Infantry Regiment, 29th Division (National Guard)
LEE, Arthur Trumbull (WIA) 364th Infantry Regiment, 91st Division (National Army)
LEE, Burton J. (KIA) Company L, 3rd Battalion, 136th Infantry Regiment, 33rd Infantry Division
LEE, Carl Company D, 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th Division (National Guard)
LEE, Chew‑Mon Company, H, 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division