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Name Unit
CHAPMAN, Charles Wesley, Jr. (KIA) 94th Aero Squadron
CHAPMAN, Elbridge G., Jr. (WIA) 5th Machine Gun Battalion, 2nd Division (Regular Army)
CHAPMAN, James Thomas Headquarters Company, 3rd Battalion, 302nd Infantry Regiment, 94th Infantry Division
CHAPMAN, Leslie A. (WIA) Command and Control (North), Task Force 1 Advisory Element, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces
CHAPMAN, Robert L. (WIA) Company I, 3rd Battalion, 301st Infantry Regiment, 94th Infantry Division
CHAPPEL, Charles Foster (KIA) 339th Infantry Regiment, 85th Division (National Army)
CHAPPELL, Ralph A. (WIA) Company I, 30th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division (Regular Army)
CHAPPETTA, Edward David (KIA) Company A, 1st Battalion, 165th Infantry Regiment, 27th Infantry Division
CHAPPUIS, Leon-Jean French Army (2nd Morrocan Infantry Division)
CHAPPUIS, Steve Archie Headquarters, Second Battalion, 502nd Parachute Infantry, 101st Airborne Division
CHARLES, Joseph Company L, 307th Infantry Regiment, 77th Division (National Armuy)
CHARLES, Paul David (WIA) Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Infantry, 1st Infantry Division
CHARLTON, Dorian Richard Wingate Graham King's Royal Indian Hussars
CHARRON, Jean M. H. 5th Regiment of Mounted Chasseurs
CHARTIER, Ernest Joseph Machine Gun Company, 357th Infantry Regiment, 90th Division (National Army)
CHARTIER, Pearl Dunning Company H, 140th Infantry Regiment, 35th Division (National Guard)
CHASE, Donald L. 22nd Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division
CHASE, Francis T., Jr. (WIA) Company L, 3rd Battalion, 414th Infantry Regiment, 104th Infantry Division
CHASE, John W. Company L, 30th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division (RegularArmy)
CHASE, Roy Wesley 80th Company, 6th Regiment (USMC), 2nd Division (U.S. Army)