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Name Unit
BAMFORD, Arthur James, Jr. (WIA) Company B, 19th Tank Battalion, 9th Armored Division
BAMFORD, Charles Frank II (WIA) 223rd Infantry Regiment, 40th Infantry Division
BANAHAN, Raymond Thomas Company L, 115th Infantry Regiment, 29th Division (National Guard)
BANARES, Lino Company D, 1st Battalion, 57th Infantry Regiment, Philippine Scouts (Philippine Division, US Army)
BANDY, Paul Headquarters, 2nd Battalion, 319th Infantry Regiment, 80th Infantry Division
BANE, Thomas P. (WIA) Company C, 117th Infantry Regiment, 30th Division (National Guard)
BANGSBOLL, Leif Liaison Officer, Special Force Headquarters, Office of Strategic Services
BANISTER, Morris A. Company C, 107th Infantry Regiment, 27th Division (National Guard)
BANK, Carl H. (WIA) Company K, 126th Infantry Regiment, 32nd Division (National Guard)
BANKEY, Ernest Edward, Jr. P-51 Pilot with Headquarters, 364th Fighter Group, 8th Air Force
BANKS, Charles Jay 221st Aviation Company, 13th Combat Aviation Battalion, 1st Aviation Brigade
BANKS, Harley E. Company M, 167th Infantry Regiment, 42nd Division (National Guard)
BANKS, Leonard S. (KIA) Company G, 4th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division (Regular Army)
BANN, Edward Company M, 318th Infantry Regiment, 80th Division (National Army)
BARANEK, Mike Company A, 1st Battalion, 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment (Separate)
BARBA, James Nicholas (KIA) Company G, 3rd Battalion, 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division
BARBER, Alexander W. (WIA) Medical Aidman, Medical Detachment, 5th Ranger Battalion, Provisional Ranger Group (Separate)
BARBER, Ernest Lee (WIA) Company B, 1st Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division
BARBER, Henry Anson, Jr. 9th Machine Gun Battalion, 3rd Division (Regular Army)
BARBER, Thomas M., MD 28th Infantry Regiment, First Division (Regular Army)