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Name Unit
HENNIGAN, Eldred O. (WIA) 1st Tank Battalion, 1st Armored Division
HENQUET, Roger R. Office of Strategic Services, "Hermit" Circuit (F Section, Special Operations Executive)
HENRIKSEN, Hans Company A, 5th Machine Gun Battalion, 2nd Division (Regular Army)
HENRY, Bruce D. (WIA) 1st Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division
HENRY, Clifford West (KIA) Company F, 102nd Infantry Regiment, 26th Division
HENRY, Daniel C. Company B, 30th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division (Regular Army)
HENRY, Jeffery J. Troop B, 1st Squadron, 4th Cavalry, 1st Infantry Division
HENRY, Lawrence D. (KIA) Company B, 3rd Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized)
HENRY, Maurice Victor (KIA-BNR) B-17 Gunner; 544th Bombardment Squadron, 384th Bombardment Group (H), 8th AF
HENRY, Norman Machine Gun Company, 370th Infantry Regiment, 93rd Division (National Army)
HENRY, Raymond D. (WIA) Company E, 125th Infantry Regiment, 32nd Division (National Guard)
HENRY, Thomas (WIA) 28th Infantry Regiment, First Division (Regular Army)
HENRY, William J. (KIA) Company K, 3rd Battalion, 358th Infantry Regiment, 90th Infantry Division
HENSEL, Earl R. (KIA) 119th Infantry Regiment, 30th Infantry Division
HENSHAW, Marvin Jesse (KIA) G Troop, 2nd Squadron, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division
HENSHAW, Robert E. 237th Engineer Combat Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 4th Infantry Division
HENSLEY, Henry G. Company H, 56th Infantry Regiment, 7th Division (Regular Army)
HENSLEY, James (WIA) Company F, 2nd Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment, 7th Infantry Division
HENSLEY, Thomas L. (KIA) Company H, 4th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Division (Regular Army)
HENSTRIDGE, Hector David 25th Liaison Squadron