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Name Unit
LOOMIS, John H. (WIA) Company F, 311th Infantry Regiment, 78th Division (National Army)
LOOMIS, John Stone (WIA) 132nd Machine Gun Battalion, 36th Division (National Guard)
LOPEZ, David (WIA) Company L, 3rd Battalion, 135th Infantry Regiment, 34th Infantry Division
LOPEZ, Erasmo G. Company, E, 2nd Battalion, 38th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division
LOPEZ, John Edward, Jr. (KIA) Detachment A-242, Company B, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces
LOPEZ, Manuel Torres (KIA) Detachment A-402, 5th Special Forces Group
LOPEZ, Margarito G. E Troop, Second Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division
LORANS, Marcel Captain of Infantry, attached to the 42nd Division, AEF
LORBER, J. B. X. 21st Battalion des Marche, Colonial Infantry
LORD, Ernest G. (WIA) Company B, 15th Machine Gun Battalion, 5th Division (Regular Army)
LORD, Fred T. Platoon Commander in the Imperial Light Horse Kimberly Regiment (Motor Battalion) British South African Union Defense Force
LOREE, Herbert Alexander (KIA) Company C, 111th Engineer Combat Battalion, 36th Infantry Division
LORENZ, Herman J. (WIA) 459th Air Defense Artillery (Antiaircraft Artillery) Battalion and the provisional 397th Antiaircraft Artillery (Automatic Weapons) Battalion (Provisional)
LORING, David Worth (KIA) 115th Machine Gun Battalion, 30th Division (National Guard)
LORIOT, Jean J. 151st Escadrille
LOSCO, Patrick Company H, 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Division (Regular Army)
LOSE, Charles R. (WIA) Combat Medic, Company B, 1st Battalion, 7th Cavalry, 1st Air Cavalry Division
LOSS, Chester Ignatious Company G, 2nd Battalion, 338th Infantry Regiment, 85th Infantry Division
LOSTEN, Steven Wayne Company A, 1st Battalion, 148th Infantry Regiment, 37th Division
LOTSPIECH, Orr V. (WIA) 83rd Company, 6th Regiment (USMC), 2nd Division (U.S. Army)