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Name Unit
ADAMS, John E., MD (KIA-BNR) Second Surgical Group
ADAMS, John Ora (WIA) 9th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Division (Regular Army)
ADAMS, John W. (KIA) Company H, 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division
ADAMS, Patrick H. Company I, 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division
ADAMS, Platt, Jr. (KIA) Company E, 2nd Battalion, 386th Infantry Regiment, 97th Infantry Division
ADAMS, Quincy Company C, 320th Machine Gun Battalion, 82nd Division (National Army)
ADAMS, Raymond E. Company F, 2nd Battalion, 374th Infantry Regiment, 70th Infantry Division
ADAMS, Reggie Guy Company L, 3rd Battalion, 47th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division
ADAMS, Robert Harmon (WIA) B-26 Medium Bomber Pilot, 453rd Bombardment Sqdn, 323d Bombardment Group (M), 9th Air Force
ADAMS, Roland Lee (WIA) 327th Infantry Regiment, 82nd Division (National Army)
ADAMS, Samuel Tyler (KIA) 140th Infantry Regiment, 35th Division (National Guard)
ADAMS, Stephen Searles, Jr. (KIA) 20th Infantry Regiment, 6th Infantry Division
ADAMSKI, Jozef Company C, 320th Infantry Regiment, 80th Division (National Army)
ADDERLY, Tyrone J. A Special Joint United States Task Force to rescue Prisoners of War
ADELHELM, Hugo C. Company C, 108th Engineers, 28th Division (National Guard)
ADELSPERGER, Earl Raymond (WIA) Company C, 125th Infantry Regiment, 32nd Division (National Guard)
ADKINS, Bennie G. (WIA) Detachment A-102, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne), 1st Special Forces
ADKINS, Frank Edward (DNB) P-40 Pilot, 17th Pursuit Squadron, 24th Pursuit Group, Far East Air Force
ADKISSON, Samuel Parker (WIA) 39th Infantry Regiment, 4th Division (Regular Army)
ADLER, Julius Ochs (WIA) 306th Infantry Regiment, 77th Division (National Army)