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Name Unit
AKINS, Bennie A. Company A, 52nd Infantry Regiment, 6th Division (Regular Army)
ALAMO, Gabriel Ralph (KIA) Detachment A-726, 5th Special Forces Group, 1st Special Forces
ALBERT, Ralph F. (WIA) Headquarters Company, 103rd Infantry Regiment, 26th Division (National Guard)
ALBRECHT, George W. Company G, 5th Ammunition Train, 5th Division (Regular Army)
ALBRIGHT, Fred C., MD 353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th Division (National Army)
ALDEN, Carlos C., Jr., MD Medical Detachment (Battalion Surgeon), 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment (Separate)
ALDRICH, Perry Henry (KIA) Observer, 135th Aero Squadron (Air Service)
ALDRIDGE, Joseph S., Jr. Company B, 311th Infantry Regiment, 78th Division (National Army)
ALE, John H. (WIA) 355th Infantry Regiment, 89th Division (National Army)
ALEKENO, Frank (KIA) Company B, 23rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Division (Regular Army)
ALENDAL, Ole (KIA) Company H, 355th Infantry Regiment, 89th Division (National Army)
ALEXANDER, Arthur Hadden (WIA) 96th Aero Squadron, First Day Bombardment
ALEXANDER, Irvin (WIA) Attached to the First Regiment, Philippine Constabulary
ALEXANDER, John, Jr. 27th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division
ALEXANDER, John Alex Pilot of a B-26C with the 55th Bombardment Squadron (Medium), 387th Bombardment Group
ALEXANDER, Leon R. Company B, 348th Machine Gun Battalion, 91st Division (National Army)
ALEXANDER, Marshall (WIA) Troop B, 32nd Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mech), 9th Infantry Division (attached)
ALEXANDER, Mearl C. (KIA) Headquarters Company, 5th Regiment (USMC), 2nd Division (Regular Army)
ALEXANDER, Paul Edwin (KIA) Company G, 2nd Battalion, 60th Infantry Regiment, 9th Infantry Division
ALEXANDER, Robert (WIA) Commander, 77th Division (National Army)